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Baseline Medical History Questions Sheet (Download) 2015-03-3133.18 KB
Product Management Flow Charts (Download) 2015-07-14155.54 KB
Protocol Safety Review Team Query Form (Download) 2015-07-1425.4 KB
Contraceptive Counseling Worksheet (Download) 2015-05-2625.5 KB
HIV Pre/Post Test and Risk Reduction Counseling Worksheet (Download) 2015-05-2627.88 KB
Protocol and Product Adherence Counseling Worksheet (Download) 2015-05-2634.46 KB
Ring Insertion Instructions (Download) 2015-03-24759.65 KB
Financial Disclosure
Financial Disclosure Training Slides (Download) 2016-03-09365.19 KB
Financial Disclosure/Certification Form (Download) 2015-08-1821.79 KB
Informed Consent
Information Booklet (Download) 2015-03-24289.92 KB
Informed Consent Comprehension Assessment (Multiple Choice) (Download) 2015-03-0525.65 KB
Informed Consent Comprehension Assessment (Open-ended Questions) (Download) 2015-03-0529.37 KB
Informed Consent Coversheet (Download) 2015-01-0726.28 KB
Laboratory Tools/Templates
Avery Label Macro (Download) 2015-06-16278 KB
Calculated Creatinine Clearance Worksheet (Download) 2015-05-2248 KB
Small Gram Stain Label Macro (Download) 2015-06-16293.5 KB
Other Templates/Tools
Enrollment Behavioral Eligibility Worksheet (Download) 2015-02-2328.66 KB
Participant Visit Calendar Tool (Download) 2015-05-2619.46 KB
Participant-Specific Clinic Study Product Accountability Log (Download) 2015-04-2325.64 KB
Screening and Enrollment Log (Download) 2015-04-0627.42 KB
Screening Behavioral Eligibility Worksheet (Download) 2015-02-2331.7 KB
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) (Download) 2015-04-2360.49 KB
Study Close-out Checklist (Download) 2016-01-1334.99 KB
Study Staff Delegation of Duties (DoD) and Signature Key/Staff Roster (Download) 2015-04-0694 KB
Visit Checklists
01: Screening Visit Checklist (Download) 2015-04-1740.12 KB
02: Enrollment Visit Checklist (Download) 2015-04-1742.75 KB
03: Follow Up Visit Checklist (Day 1, 2, 3, 7, 14 and 21) (Download) 2015-04-1739.34 KB
04: Follow Up Visit Checklist (Day 28) (Download) 2015-04-1739.27 KB
05: Follow Up Visit Checklist (Days 29, 30 and 31) (Download) 2015-04-1736.13 KB
06: Final Clinic (Day 35)/Early Termination (Download) 2015-08-1240.01 KB
Pelvic Exam Checklist (Download) 2015-04-1733.49 KB