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Financial Disclosure
Financial Disclosure Form (Download) 2016-05-0325.72 KB
Financial Disclosure Form for Protocol Chair (Download) 2016-05-0324.07 KB
Financial Disclosure Form Training Slides (Download) 2016-04-29495.58 KB
LDMS Specimen Tracking Sheets
At-home Breast Milk (Download) 2016-03-24272.15 KB
Enrollment Baseline (Download) 2016-03-24294.11 KB
Enrollment PK/PD (Download) 2016-03-24302.7 KB
Follow-Up Specimens (Download) 2016-03-24346.29 KB
Other Tools/Templates
Baseline Medical History Questions Sheet (Download) 2015-10-2940.31 KB
Breast Milk Production Maintenance Counseling Worksheet (Download) 2015-10-1324.18 KB
Eligibility Checklist (Download) 2015-11-02119 KB
Enrollment Behavioral Eligibility Worksheet (Download) 2015-10-2927.96 KB
Follow- up Medical History Log (Download) 2015-10-1942.75 KB
HIV Pre/Post Test Counseling Worksheet (Download) 2015-09-1423.77 KB
Informed Consent Comprehension Assessment (Open Ended) (Download) 2015-09-1528.32 KB
Informed Consent Comprehension Assessment (True/False) (Download) 2015-09-0427.31 KB
Informed Consent Cover Sheet (Download) 2015-07-3125.65 KB
Participant Breast Milk Collection Log (Download) 2016-02-1666.03 KB
Participant Ring Use Log (Download) 2016-04-28170 KB
Protocol Adherence Counseling Worksheet (Download) 2015-11-1927.4 KB
Protocol Safety Review Team Query Form (Download) 2015-09-0879 KB
Screening and Enrollment Log (Download) 2015-09-1531.1 KB
Screening Behavioral Eligibility Worksheet (Download) 2015-10-2972.75 KB
Site-Specific Clinic Study Product Accountability Log (Download) 2015-11-1019.01 KB
Study Staff Delegation of Duties (DoD) and Signature Key/Staff Roster (Download) 2015-09-1598 KB
Suggested Filing Structure for MTN-029/IPM 039 Essential Documents (Download) 2015-10-2827.95 KB
Template Source Document SOP (Download) 2015-11-02197.5 KB
Vaginal Ring Insertion Instructions (Download) 2015-07-311.13 MB
Visit Calendar Tool (Download) 2015-11-0919.48 KB
Visit Checklists
01. Screening Visit Checklist (Download) 2015-10-16116.5 KB
02. Enrollment Visit Checklist (Download) 2015-10-16109.5 KB
03. Day 1 Visit Checklist (Download) 2015-10-16108 KB
04. Day 7 Visit Checklist (Download) 2015-10-16110.5 KB
05. Day 14 Visit Checklist (Download) 2015-10-16111.5 KB
06. Day 16 Visit Checklist/Termination Visit (Download) 2015-10-19113.5 KB
07. Pelvic Exam Checklist (Download) 2016-01-19104 KB