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Case Report Forms
MTN-045 Ideal Product Activity CRF (Uganda) (Download) 2019-10-23403.98 KB
MTN-045 Ideal Product Activity CRF (Zimbabwe) (Download) 2019-07-22404.49 KB
Participant Status Form for Couples (Download) 2019-08-13112.81 KB
Protocol Deviation Report (Download) 2019-08-15163.3 KB
Social Harms Report (Download) 2019-08-13160.43 KB
Informed Consent Support Materials
Enrollment Informed Consent Comprehension Checklist (Download) 2019-03-1533.36 KB
Informed Consent (IC) Coversheet (Download) 2019-07-2332.17 KB
Interview Guides and Checklists
Behavioral and Demographic Questionnaire (Download) 2020-05-18854.45 KB
Discrete Choice Experiment Survey (DCE) (Download) 2019-04-261011.28 KB
IDI Topic Guide (Download) 2020-05-18393.09 KB
IDI Visit Checklist (Download) 2019-08-1329.51 KB
Individual Visit Checklist (Download) 2019-08-1330.1 KB
Joint Visit Checklist (Download) 2019-08-1333.71 KB
Other Tools/Templates
Couples DCE Inter-Observer Reliability Tool (Download) 2019-12-1824.98 KB
Couples Joint DCE Observation Form (CO) (Download) 2019-04-2469.47 KB
DCE Showcards (Download) 2019-04-26160.73 KB
Educational Video - English (Download) 2019-06-1216.93 KB
Eligibility Checklist - Female (Download) 2019-10-1433.09 KB
Eligibility Checklist- Male (Download) 2019-10-1433.07 KB
Eligibility Confirmation (Download) 2019-10-1429.59 KB
IDI Debriefing Report Template (Download) 2020-06-1020.8 KB
IDI Selection Tracker (Download) 2020-02-0734.47 KB
IDI Transcript Template (Download) 2019-11-0818.93 KB
Placebo Photos (Download) 2019-04-24289.39 KB
PTID Name Link Log (Download) 2019-07-26110.43 KB
Screening and Enrollment Log (Download) 2019-11-0534.11 KB
Video Storyboard (Download) 2019-04-225.85 MB
Weekly Screening Tracker (Download) 2019-07-2632.83 KB
SOP Templates
Accrual, Eligibility Determination and Informed Consent SOP (Download) 2019-08-21114.35 KB
Data Management SOP (Download) 2019-10-07115.42 KB