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Anorectal Sample Collection (Download) 2014-06-051.63 MB
Anorectum 101 (Download) 2014-06-05278.17 KB
Behavioral Assessments at Enrollment (Download) 2014-06-0554.8 KB
Behavioral Assessments at Follow-up (Download) 2014-06-05244.63 KB
Clinical Considerations (Download) 2014-06-05644.41 KB
Counseling Considerations (Download) 2014-06-051.01 MB
Enrollment Laboratory Training (Download) 2014-06-05894.33 KB
Enrollment Study Product Considerations (Download) 2014-06-05815.7 KB
Follow-up Considerations (Download) 2014-06-05286.76 KB
Follow-up Laboratory Training (Download) 2014-06-05399.2 KB
Follow-up Study Product Considerations (Download) 2014-06-05380.93 KB
Overview of Enrollment/Initiate Period 1 Visit Procedures (Download) 2014-06-05188.65 KB
Overview of Screening Visit Procedures (Download) 2014-06-05318.3 KB
Review of PrEP and Rectal Microbicide Safety Data (Download) 2014-06-05168.27 KB
Safety Structure & AE/SAE/EAE Identification and Reporting (Download) 2014-06-05405.44 KB
Screening Laboratory Training (Download) 2014-06-05452.23 KB
SMS Readiness (Download) 2014-06-05115.38 KB
These files contain audio files which can be viewed and heard via the slideshow feature in PowerPoint.
Adverse Event and Clinical Product Hold/Discontinuation CRF Documentation (Download) 2014-05-2760.06 MB
MTN-017 Overview of Screening and Enrollment Visit CRFs (Download) 2014-05-2761.87 MB
MTN-017 Product Dispensation and Return CRF (PDR) (Download) 2014-05-2732.33 MB
Overview of Follow-up: Visit Types, Visit Scheduling, and CRFs (Download) 2014-05-2744.62 MB
Social Harms Reporting in MTN-017 (Download) 2014-05-279.33 MB