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Annual Meeting 2013
01. KUNJARA - Real-Time PK Testing (Download) 2013-02-10302.1 KB
02. GOMEZ - List of Documents to be updated per the LOA (Download) 2013-02-1059.37 KB
03. BALAN - Participant Centered Adherence Counseling (Download) 2013-02-1046.38 KB
04. FOSTER - Investigator Responsibilities (Download) 2013-02-10484.3 KB
05. FOSTER - Protocol Deviations: Summary and Trends (Download) 2013-02-10572.52 KB
06. GALASKA BURZUK - Letter of Amendment #01 (Download) 2013-02-10338.25 KB
Annual Meeting 2014
BAKER: Pitt CRS Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2014-02-23234.06 KB
BALAN: Participant Centered Adherence Counseling for MTN-017 (Download) 2014-02-2359.16 KB
CHARIYALERTSAK: RIHES, Chiang Mai Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2014-02-233.68 MB
GONZALES: IMPACTA-SAN MIGUEL Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2014-02-23785.98 KB
HO: MTN-017: Adverse Events and MedDRA (Download) 2014-02-23346.73 KB
KANYEMBA: UCTCTU Groote Schuur Hospital CRS Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2014-02-23187.84 KB
KUNJARA: MTN 017 PK Specimen Testing for Adherence (Download) 2014-02-23184.92 KB
LEMIEUX: The Fenway Institute | Boston Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2014-02-24953.01 KB
LIU: Bridge HIV at the SFDPH: Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2014-02-231.26 MB
WIMONSATE: Silom Community Clinic @TropMed Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2014-02-23423.19 KB
ZORRILLA: University of Puerto Rico Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2014-02-231.74 MB
Annual Meeting 2015
BROWN: UCT Clinical Trial Unit Groote Schuur Hospital CRS Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2015-03-15483.97 KB
EDICK/KARAS: PITT CRS: Our MTN-017 Experience (Download) 2015-03-152.32 MB
GONZALES: IMPACTA San Miguel CRS Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2015-03-151.51 MB
LEMIEUX: The Fenway Institute | Boston Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2015-03-15620.75 KB
LIU: Bridge HIV | SFDPH Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2015-03-15494.41 KB
SAOKHIEO: RIHES, Chiang Mai, Thailand Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2015-03-152 MB
WIMONSATE: Silom Community Clinic CRS Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2015-03-15543.92 KB
ZORRILLA: UPR-CEMI: Update for MTN-017 (Download) 2015-03-151.57 MB
Participant Selection - 6-June-2013
All Site Presentations (Download) 2013-06-063.23 MB
01. SFDPH (Download) 2013-06-06457.71 KB
02. RIHES, CHIANG MAI, THAILAND (Download) 2013-06-06406.51 KB
03. The Fenway Institute (Download) 2013-06-06377.84 KB
04. Thailand MOPH – US CDC Collaboration (Download) 2013-06-06129.42 KB
05. University of Pittsburgh (Download) 2013-06-061.71 MB
06. San Miguel CRS (Download) 2013-06-061.35 MB
07. University of Puerto Rico (Download) 2013-06-0697.14 KB
08. Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (Download) 2013-06-06418.27 KB