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MTN 2010 Annual Meeting
Contraception in VOICE (Download) 2010-03-16309.92 KB
Lessons Learned (Download) 2010-03-16306.07 KB
Lessons Learnt From Implementation of VOICE at MRC Durban Sites (Download) 2010-03-16465.01 KB
MTN-003 Lessons Learned from Zimbabwe (Download) 2010-03-16127.98 KB
Product Use Management (Download) 2010-03-16167.78 KB
Review of Study Product Re-Supply and Re-Issue (Download) 2010-03-16295.86 KB
SMC Review Summary and Recommendations (Download) 2010-03-1628.75 KB
UPDATED: Manual for Expedited Reporting of Adverse Events to DAIDS (Download) 2010-03-16161.7 KB
VOICE Study- Experiences from Uganda Site (Download) 2010-03-161.88 MB
MTN 2010 Regional Meeting
BUNGE: Contraception (Download) 2010-10-04195.58 KB
BUNGE: Fetal Loss Update (Download) 2010-10-04131.22 KB
CHIRENJE: Male Involvement in VOICE (Download) 2010-10-0438.12 KB
CRANSTON/BUNGE: Clinical Observations from the PSRT (Download) 2010-10-04323.95 KB
CRANSTON: MTN-003 Safety Trends (Download) 2010-10-0426.39 KB
GOMEZ: Ongoing Informed Consent Comprehension Assessment (Download) 2010-10-04163.34 KB
LIVANT: It's All About the Endpoints (Download) 2010-10-04472.69 KB
MARRAZZO: Accrual & Retention Challenges in VOICE (Download) 2010-10-04469.58 KB
NOGUCHI: Anticipated Modifications to VOICE: Version 2.0 (Download) 2010-10-0488.29 KB
SINGH: Recognizing and Understanding Risk of Depression in HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Studies (Download) 2010-10-04552.05 KB
VAN DER STRATEN: Counseling Issues Related to Anal Sex in VOICE (Download) 2010-10-04345.32 KB
MTN 2010 Regional Meeting Site Presentations
AURUM SITE - Challenges Implementing VOICE at CAPRISA Aurum Klerksdorp (Download) 2010-10-0448.01 KB
DURBAN SITE - VOICE :Challenges and lessons learnt at the Durban MRC CRSs (Download) 2010-10-0432.52 KB
ETHEKWINI SITE - Challenges at CAPRISA eThekwini Clinical Research Site (Download) 2010-10-0466.96 KB
HARARE SITE - Challenges Implementing VOICE (Download) 2010-10-04211.35 KB
KAMPALA SITE - Challenges Implementing VOICE (Download) 2010-10-0460.45 KB
PHRU SITE - MTN VOICE Implementation Challenges (Download) 2010-10-0434.05 KB
RHRU SITE - Challenges Implementing VOICE (Download) 2010-10-04350.62 KB