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MTN 2011 Annual Meeting
AMICO: VOICE Adherence Counseling (Download) 2011-03-271.26 MB
CHIRENJE: Current Participant Retention (Download) 2011-03-27562.76 KB
GOMEZ: General Updates (Download) 2011-03-2792.07 KB
GOMEZ: Protocol Version 2 Training (Download) 2011-03-27476.19 KB
MARRAZZO: Ancillary Study Proposals (Download) 2011-03-27126.55 KB
MARRAZZO: Objective Measures of Adherence in VOICE (Download) 2011-03-27904.78 KB
NDASE: Clinic Flow Assessments: Trends & suggestions to address them (Download) 2011-03-27135.59 KB
NOGUCHI: Introduction to the United States FDA and FDA Inspection Process (Download) 2011-03-27373.38 KB
PATTERSON: VOICE Seroconverter Specimen Collections (Download) 2011-03-27318.05 KB
MTN 2011 Annual Meeting Site Presentations
AURUM: Clinic Flow Assessment (Download) 2011-03-27172.35 KB
ETHEKWINI: Identifying Hidden Inefficiency Secrets (Download) 2011-03-2734.29 KB
KAMPALA: VOICE Clinic Flow Assessment (Download) 2011-03-2737.28 KB
MRC: Visit Flow Assessment: Improving visit flows to reduce participant waiting times (Download) 2011-03-27150.22 KB
PHRU: Visit Flow (Download) 2011-03-2741.71 KB
WRHI: Impact of Clinic Flow Assessment Visit (Download) 2011-03-27642.56 KB
ZIMBABWE: Clinic Visit Flow Assessment (Download) 2011-03-2732.03 KB
MTN 2011 Regional Meeting - FDA Documents
FDA Website Links (Download) 2011-10-1050.66 KB
Preparing for a United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Inspection: VOICE (Download) 2011-10-106.35 MB
Site FDA Inspection Preparation Checklist (Download) 2011-10-10180.5 KB