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Dr. Gonasagrie (Lulu) Nair, MBChB, MPH

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Mailing address

Cape Town
South Africa

Shipping Address

Cape Town
South Africa

Email Groups

MTN-003 Investigator Calls (MTN-003)
MTN-003 Investigators (MTN-003)
MTN-003 Publication Calls (MTN-003)
MTN-020 Protocol Team (MTN-020)
MTN-020 Publication Calls (MTN-020)
MTN-020 Site Clinicians (MTN-020)
MTN-020 South African Regulatory (MTN-020)
MTN-025 Protocol Team (MTN-025)
MTN-025 Qualitative Team (MTN-025)
MTN-025 SCHARP Data Summary Report (MTN-025)
MTN-025 South Africa Regulatory (MTN-025)
MTN-025 Visit Efficiency Working Group (MTN-025)
MTN-032 Protocol Team (MTN-032)
MTN-034 Counselors (MTN-034)
MTN-034 Management Calls (MTN-034)
MTN-034 Protocol Team (MTN-034)
MTN-034 Publications Committee (MTN-034)
MTN-034 Study Leadership (MTN-034)


MTN-003 (Site Investigator)
MTN-003-P01 (Site Investigator)
MTN-014 (Protocol Chair)
MTN-015 (Site Investigator)
MTN-018 (Site Investigator)
MTN-018B (Site Investigator)
MTN-018C (Site Investigator)
MTN-025 (Investigator of Record)
MTN-034 (Protocol Chair)