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The 2023 MTN Manual of Operational Procedures has been posted to our website

The 2022 MTN Manual of Operational Procedures has been posted to our website

Check out the MATRIX website. MATRIX: A USAID Project to Advance the Research and Development of Innovative HIV Prevention Products for Women

Population Council has acquired IPM’s dapivirine ring portfolio

Celebrating the 15 years of the Microbicide Trials Network

2021 MOP has been posted.

Thank you for these past 15 years

The Pleasure Principle: An Evolution in Microbicide Research

Bonus Makanani

Babies on Board! Meet the next generation of our MTN family.

View the MTN Babies Album here.

Saying goodbye to Jared Baeten as MTN co-PI.

Check out our new “A Look Back…” page in our News area.

A leap forward for the dapivirine vaginal ring, the next steps are critical.

COVID-19 Response Page.

MTN 2020 Regional Meeting Cancelled.

Presentations from our MTN 2020 Annual Meeting are posted.

The MTN held its final in-country stakeholder meeting for MTN-042 and MTN-043 in Harare, Zimbabwe, January 28-29, 2020.

Presentations and photos from our MTN 2019 Regional Meeting are posted along with a music video about REACH.

MTN held a MTN-042 and MTN-043 stakeholder consultation in Kampala, Uganda.

Stakeholder consultations were held in March for MTN-042 and MTN-043

Presentations from our MTN 2019 Annual Meeting have been posted.

The start of REACH and other MTN milestones.

Watch a short video about REACH.

DESIRE (MTN-035) has a new logo!  Stay tuned for news on the launch of the study.

Presentations from the MTN 2018 Regional Meeting have been posted.

A stakeholder consultation was held in April in Johannesburg, South Africa, for MTN-042

MTN’s Annual Meeting was held March 19-20 in Bethesda, Maryland at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center.

A stakeholder consultation was held in February in Kisumu, Kenya for the REACH study.

A workshop was hosted by the MTN in January at NAESM 2018.

MTN’s Regional Meeting was held in Cape Town, South Africa, September 19-21. 

A stakeholder consultation was held in Uganda for the REACH study.

MTN recently convened a workshop on lubricants for the United States Conference on AIDS.