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Also known as the Community and Adherence Sub-study, VOICE C (MTN-003C) was designed to identify community-based factors and beliefs that may have influenced women’s ability and willingness to use the products being tested in VOICE and was conducted in parallel with VOICE at a single site. Participants included 102 women enrolled in VOICE, as well as male partners, members of the site’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) and community stakeholders. Results suggest women didn’t use the products because of worries about side effects and the stigma associated with ARVs, which are used for treating people with HIV; and not knowing if they’d been assigned to use an active product or placebo.


Behavioral Measures of Product Use Didn’t Measure Up in VOICE HIV Prevention Trial, Report the Study’s Researchers



Fact sheet – The VOICE C and VOICE D Social and Behavioral Research Sub-studies: Looking for answers about adherence and the women in VOICE     



Questions and Answers – VOICE C and VOICE D Social and Behavioral Research Sub-studies of VOICE



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