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HOPEHIV Open Label Prevention - An open-label follow-on trial to ASPIRE in which former ASPIRE participants were offered the opportunity to use the dapivirine ring (there was no placebo) in the context of a study. HOPE is building on the results of ASPIRE by gathering additional information on the ring’s safety, how women use the ring knowing that it can help reduce their risk of HIV and the relationship between adherence and HIV protection. The study also seeks to understand why the ring may work well as an HIV prevention strategy for some women but not for others. For this reason, former participants were enrolled in HOPE even if they did not wish to use the ring. Results from HOPE were reported at IAS 2019.


Results of open-label study of a vaginal ring for HIV prevention suggest women are interested in and willing to use it



Women’s use of vaginal ring is higher in open-label study, as is level of HIV protection






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