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MTN-035/DESIRE (Developing and Evaluating Short-acting Innovations for Rectal Use) was an acceptability, tolerability and adherence study of three placebo products for use in the rectum -- a douche, suppository and fast-dissolving rectal insert --  to help answer important questions about preferences for rectal microbicide products for the prevention of HIV from anal sex The products, which contained no active drugs, were evaluated in 217 HIV-negative cisgender men, transgender men and transgender women who have sex with men at sites in Malawi, Peru, South Africa, Thailand and the U.S. who used each for one month. Preliminary results, which were reported in 2021, found all three approaches appealing to participants and fitting into their daily lives, underscoring the importance of developing a range of HIV prevention options for people who practice anal sex.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All When It Comes to Products for Preventing HIV from Anal Sex

What Do People Who Practice Anal Sex Desire for Preventing HIV?

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