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MTN-006 (RMP-02/MTN-006) was a Phase I study involving 18 HIV-negative men and women designed to determine whether the vaginal formulation of tenofovir gel is safe to use in the rectum, and through novel laboratory studies, if the gel prevents HIV infection in rectal tissue sampled from study participants. Results, reported in 2011, found HIV infection was significantly inhibited in rectal tissue sampled from participants who used tenofovir gel daily for one week. Because some participants experienced gastrointestinal side effects, researchers subsequently reformulated the gel to include less glycerin. The study was conducted in collaboration with the Division of AIDS Integrated Pre-Clinical/Clinical Program for HIV Topical Microbicides of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.  (See also MTN-007 and MTN-017.)

Tenofovir Gel Provides High Level of Protection Against HIV in Rectal Tissue



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